Case StudyWillis Blackshear Jr For Ohio State Rep

Background: Before running a successful campaign, Willis Blackshear Jr. was an outreach specialist for the Montgomery County Auditor’s office in Dayton, Ohio, and son of former County Recorder Willis Blackshear Sr. He ran as a Democrat in the November 2020 general election for state representative for Ohio’s 39th House District. The district — which is overwhelmingly Democratic — includes most of the city of Dayton and Jefferson Township. Blackshear Jr. ended up winning his campaign by a margin of 79% to 20%.

Challenge: Willis Blackshear Jr. needed a strong digital presence that would allow his campaign to effectively reach the multicultural community in Ohio’s 39th House District.

Solution: Blackshear Jr.’s campaign manager reached out to LunarX and contracted us to build the candidate a strong online presence. Our team developed the copy and implemented branding and imagery to create a stand-out, responsive website covering Blackshear Jr.’s unique story and background. LunarX also created web pages devoted to his campaign promises, integrated an ActBlue donation payment processor to the website & created an intake form on his site for volunteers to join his campaign. Lastly, we helped the Blackshear Jr. campaign launch their social media strategy on Facebook by applying strong branding and messaging that reflected the website we built for the campaign. Once the campaign Facebook was launched, LunarX facilitated rapid follower growth strategies to gain hundreds of new followers in two weeks.

What we did:

  • Logo
  • Branding
  • Website Development
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Advertising
Dayton, Ohio
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