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Bold ideas and disruptive technologies now shape our world. It’s time to stand out. Let us provide the support you need to build a relevant and sustainable brand to make an impact.
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OUR MISSIONEmpowering An Equitable & Inclusive Digital Economy

“Things done changed.”

– Notorius BIG


We believe that everyone has ideas, but ideas need actionable solutions to become a reality. LunarX is a diverse and inclusive end-to-end business consultancy. We uniquely sit between real-world challenges and game-changing results. Everything LunarX does is powered by research, bold design & cutting-edge technology.

We are long-term thinkers, futurists & collaborators. It is LunarX’s responsibility to see what our clients don’t. This allows us to empower our partners with future-proofed sustainability and relevant marketplace results.


The LunarX team wanted to create a unique structure that was hyper-focused on diverse representation, creativity & technology. We set out to design a company that was meaningful to our clients, partners & the communities we serve. Our trusted professionals all work with a collaborative spirit and shared vision of supporting an equitable and inclusive digital economy.
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“The game has changed, our job is to help businesses and organizations sustain and grow in today's new digital normal.”


Co-Founder and CVO
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ABOUT USThe LunarX Astronauts

We dubbed ourselves “The Astronauts” because we’re nerds. This also suits us well because we’re designers, developers, strategists, technologists, analysts, marketers & problem-solvers.
Our team consists of open-minded, subject matter experts who are dedicated to delivering amazing results and thinking beyond the contemporary.

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Omar Dismuke II

Founder/Chief Visionary Officer

Nate Dillard

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Kortney Ballard

Founder/Chief Operations Officer

Chasidye Richardson, Ph.D.

Chief Information Officer

Tavonia Evans

Senior Blockchain & Software Engineer

Bentley Charlamagne

Enterprise Software Strategist, Advisor

Dee Roberson

Chief Innovation Developer

Ashley DeLoach

Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel Thomas

Digital Media Strategist

Isaiah Dillard

Enterprise Solution Strategist

Tristina Allen

Chief Political Strategist

Zack Frink

Chief Content Editor

Christopher Smith

Creative Director

George Matthys

Real Estate Innovation Strategist

Eric Townsend

Senior IOS Software Developer

Kino Smith

Economic Developer, Advisor

NaAsiaha Simon

Public Relations Consultant

Terrance E. Dillard, Ph.D.

Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Advisor

Chanda Hunter

Podcast Media Specialist

Earl Robinson, Ph.D.

Chief Compliance Officer, Advisor

David Morgan

Senior Business Developer, Advisor

Natalie D. Foster

Business Operations Strategist

Brandi Blesset, Ph.D.

Senior DE&I Consultant

Tia Sherèe Gaynor, Ph.D.

Senior DE&I Consultant
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